01 November 2010

Shows in Fredericton

Sarah Harmer stopped by on her most recent tour (promoting her new album) and a played lovely tunes at the Playhouse.

It was my first show at the Playhouse and it was a very different audience than I'm used to. Even when awesome things happened there was very little clapping, it was strange especially since lots of awesome things happened.

They have these crazy rules about NOT taking photos in the theatre (bummer) and with the usher sitting behind me the entire show I felt obligated to follow the rules.

The openers ( I forget their names, eeep!) were dressed up for Halloween: The Flash and Chas Tenenbaum and were AMAZING musicians!

Reminder 1 - The Flash

Reminder 2 - Chas Tenenbaum

I caved under my own pressure to get a photo for the o'l bloggity blog and this is what I got:

That's one blurry photo alright!
I'm not good at breaking rules it seems!

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