30 May 2012

May Hike: Kenomee Trail System

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Greg and I packed up and headed out for our first backpack camping trip of the summer. We went just outside of Economy to the Kenomee Trail System, we had visited Economy Falls (the main waterfall) when we ran the Not Since Moses Run 2010 but that was just a short little walk.

This trip we walked the 18km trail and a bit more for a total 24km. The hiking took about 9 hours but that included our lunch and fording 4 different streams.

We started Saturday at 12 and it was drizzly, not really raining but it was very humid. The sky started to clear in the early evening which was great as it dried things out (a bit!). The weather Sunday was perfect, it was bright and sunny but with a strong breeze and the trees gave us great cover.

I think this might be one of the longest posts I've put together, if you like picture (of hiking, Greg and me) you're in for a treat!

Greg made a hearty omelet for Saturday breakfast, a much more colourful contrast to our Sunday breakfast (further in the post).

Like I said, it was drizzling when we started so I thought a raincoat was in order. It took about 25 minutes and the rain coat was in my pack. It was SUPER muggy!

Excellent to know:

Lots of mist, lots and lots of mist!


We brought our left over fish home and it actually made 2 more meals - there was SO much fish for a 2 piece!

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