07 September 2012

Sheet Harbour Cottaging

Last weekend Greg and I were invited to spend some time at our friends parent's cottage just outside of Sheet Harbour. It was a beautiful spot on a man-made lake and was previously a camp ground so it was perfect for our myriad of tents! I say we were cottaging because the only thing we did in regards to tenting was sleep and change in it. The cottage has a full kitchen and bathroom and there is a huge deck where we stuffed our faces on several occasions.

It was a great day when we arrived and although I don't have any pictures folks went swimming and other kayaking. Greg and I opted for the kayaking and it was great to explore the lake. We actually tried to chase a loon for awhile....it was on to us.

Pipes direct water from the lake into this pond just next to the cottage, there are a surprising amount of fish and ducks here regularly:

Left: Pitcher Plant found on our Sunday hike. Right: washer toss, what's camping without it?!

After a large, late lunch on Sunday we decided to go for a stroll before eating another large meal. We piled into vehicles and drove about 25 minutes to reach this beautiful walk which ends at the ocean:

The sunset was beautiful, unfortunately my iPhone camera doesn't quite capture it:

Interesting rock formations along the coast, one of the friends along with us is a Geologist so we all learned a bit about rocks:

Left: sparklers by the camp fire - amazing! Right: Instagram shot of a snail:

Left: one of three very cute dogs with us for the weekend. This one wanted to eat all of the food on the table and was successful in a few attempts. Right: freshly made biscuits and cinnamons bunts with homemade jam was ready to go on Monday morning as a breakfast appetizers. Did I mention how amazing this cottage and its cottage owners are?

After eating another extraordinarily large meal we headed out again for a hike. This time we piled in the cars and went to Taylor Head Provincial Park. There is a nice walk along the beach (with clear, cold waters) and it turns into the woods for the rest of the 3km:

Barren landscapes and lots of smelly seaweed baking in the sun (it smelled awful!)

Thank you Donald and Renee for inviting us!!!

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