17 September 2012

The Worst Email

For a mini-honeymoon Greg and I are spending a night in a Bed & Breakfast in the Annapolis Valley. The folks who run the B&B sent me an email to inquire if either of us have any dietary issues. Me being the unfortunate person I am disclosed my dairy allergies. The MOST unfortunate part of this whole thing is how I explained in to the Inn Keeper:

Yes, I wrote this and even sent it to a person who I do not know.

I only came upon this error this evening when looking back through the email thread. Needless to say Greg and I had a tear-inducing laugh over my poor, poor grammar. I have also learned a valuable lesson, two in fact:

  1. Multi-tasking while emailing can lead to dangerously embarrassing outcomes
  2. Read over every email before hitting send

I hope you too can learn from my silliness!

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