09 September 2012

Summer Sonic 2012

I headed to Halifax on Friday to check out one of three days of the Summer Sonic festival.

I had some observations:

  1. There were not many people in attendance (at least on Friday)
  2. There was an excellent choice of eats from food vendors at reasonable prices
  3. The music was excellent
Upsides to a small crowd:
  1. No lines for anything
  2. You are easily spotted by friends who didn't know you'd be attending
I was happy to be scared to death by two friends I hadn't seen in awhile and we shared a giant bag of kettle corn - it was lovely.

The line up Friday evening was: Bahamas, Father John Misty, K'naan and Stars. Each act was great, I was impressed with K'naan's band and Stars played their first show of their current tour. I was quite taken with their new tunes and happily handed over $15 at the merch table for their new album, The North. I highly recommend it.

I didn't take many pictures, the first is from my vantage point sitting on the hill when Bahamas was on stage. The second is of K'naan and his band:

I had two opportunities to eat downtown while in Halifax for my short visit. On Friday I went to Hamachi House for a really (4:45PM) early dinner. I was really excited about it since I couldn't remember that last time I had sushi. On Saturday afternoon I grabbed lunch, the biggest sandwich on a bagel at the Paperchase:

I will make another recommendation: eat at both of these places!!

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