28 November 2011

Christmas Decorations

This year will be the first year Greg and I will have our own Christmas tree together so our decoration selection is null at the moment. We picked up some lights and will be raiding our respective parents' decoration collections but I have a feeling we'll still be coming up short.

So because I have time on my hands and an impressive amount of scrap material I've decided to make tree decorations:

I found this great site with instructions/ideas on letter embroidery and decided to try it out:

I embroidered the top layer on an old piece of stiff white cotton and sewed it onto a piece of red felt, popped another piece of felt onto the back sewed them together (filling it with stuffing) and tada:

These are just circles of material (traced from the metal circle from a jam jar lid) with white felt on the back. I had a few scraps (far right) and decided to make a mish mash of patterns:

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