13 November 2011

Sunday Hike

Greg and I hit the trail today since it was such a nice day. We went to the Gully Lake Wilderness Area, about 35 minutes outside of New Glasgow.

We did a just under 6km loop that had lots of the rain we received on Friday!

An oddly placed shell in the middle of the trail

A hearty bridge with very, very high water running under it

Really old mans beard, we thought Gandalf's

The perfect to stop and have a snack

There were a few rocks to try and cross this stream turned river, but they didn't do the trick. Greg tossed this old fallen tree into the mix and voila! A solution:

Making excellent use of our surroundings

This is what we were crossing, hooray for fjording!

Lots and lots of mushrooms were growing out of
trees in this neck of the woods.

We ran into a couple at the beginning of the trail, they mentioned we'd run into a waterfall at some point. After a hike mostly filled with doubts about a waterfall we found it near the end:


There are a number of trails within the Gully Lake trail system, I think we'll have to revisit...just not after a huge rainstorm.

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