27 November 2011


Upon my leaving of Saint John I was given a few wonderful presents from a friend one of them was a cupcake recipe book. I'm not sure why it took me so long to crack open a book dedicated to cupcake recipes but I only did so last night. 

It's a vegan cupcake book, given my inability to digest milk my friend believed it to be a safe bet. I made the standard vanilla cupcakes and the buttercream icing. I actually used butter in the icing (not in the recipe) because thankfully, I can eat it but it turned out to be a terrible mistake. I got really excited because I could use my electric mixer and the icing turned out looking more like cottage cheese than the smooth icing I was promised.

Greg and I suffered through it and took one for the team, eating our way through the 'cottage cheese' topped cupcakes. 

Given my lack of will power I only made 5 cupcakes, I tried to half the batch and I actually cooked them in these super strong cupcake wrappers (part of the cupcake cookbook present):

I made a much more successful batch of icing today and they turned out looking like what I initially had in mind:

I won't be making the first icing again but I will be adventuring more in the cupcake cookbook!

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