26 November 2011

Christmas Parade, New Glasgow Style

I cant' believe I didn't post this earlier, you'd think I had a busy week but I didn't do much out of the ordinary so I'm not sure what's up - my apologies.

Here we go, Greg and I took in New Glasgow's Christmas Parade last Sunday. It was a great day for it, the first giant snow fall hadn't happened yet so there were lots of dry places to sit on the sidewalk (or in the case of many children the place to run/roll around), the sun was out and it was pretty warm given the date.

There were standard elements to this parade: gymnastic teams, schools, fire department, food bank, etc. I took pictures of a few notable 'floats' or things I wanted to comment about:

Clowns, why does every parade have them?
What do they have to do with Christmas??

The Fire Department rolls up in style and with a Dalmatian!
I thought that was an old cliche that was no longer in style?

Ye olde timey vehicle, classic

It's easy to forget how simple it would be for a horse to crush
you, but from this close it seems like a possibility

Only in Nova Scotia: a herd (about 20)
bagpipers playing Christmas tunes

FINALLY I got candy, I'm not sure why the folks handing it out
feel adults shouldn't get it, I mean...come on! It's a parade!

The best and most terrifying way to end a parade - with taxidermy!
For real, those were living deer at some point, now they are
wrapped in strings of lights and posed in awkward positions.

I hope whatever Christmas Parade you made it out to this year was full of as much hilarity as the one in New Glasgow!

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  1. Hello Ali,

    I run a website called New Glasgow Talks and would love to use some of these images on a story about the upcoming 2012 parade with your permission and photos fully credited to you. Would you be able to contact me to verify if this would be ok with you?

    Kris Stewart
    ngtalks AT gmail DOT com


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