03 November 2011


Despite a hiccup in getting the UHaul (we had to drive to Berwick outside of Sussex on Friday to pick up the truck) moving went pretty well.

One thing we learned is that combined we own a lot of things.

7AM-ish on moving day

Early morning tired eating - Greg resembles a monkey this early

Half of the stuff has been moved to the UHaul

99% empty living room - hooray!

Nerdily getting our photo taken
in front of the building

The UHaul before we went to my storage unit

Way too much stuff in the storage unit!

But we got it all out - hooray!

And it all fit in the truck...just barely!

About the hit the road to New Glasgow
...Greg has food in his mouth, sorry!

The new digs!!!

A lot of stuff all over the kitchen, and Greg's sweet dance moves

A living room in disarray, really we have a couch not even the
right side up (we were waiting for those little pads you put
on the bottom to protect the floor)
 More photos to come once we're a little more settled. So far it's coming along but we are still riddled with boxes. Garbage/recycling day can't come fast enough!!

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