06 November 2011

Halloween Birthday!

The downside to moving to a new town a few days before Halloween is that every store is sold out of pumpkins. But that didn't stop Greg and I! We bought squash to carve and it worked out pretty well:

Buttercup and acorn squash

The top of a buttercup squash is very similar to a cork

Greg started with the acorn squash...

But ended up with the buttercup...it turns out buttercup are
SUPER tough to carve, so Greg helped me out :)

My pumpkin! The top kind of looks like
this could be a Sherlock Holmes pumpkin

Despite these being squash there were a lot more 'guts' than
I thought there would be

Smiling buttercup full of candle light

YAY! Halloween is saved, by squash!

Squash by daylight, ready to go on Halloween

Some of you might know that Halloween happens to fall on my birthday, yes you read that right. So we pulled out the Happy Birthday banner I made for Greg's Birthday and hung it in our barely unpacked apartment, it worked:

Despite having just moved into a new place AND Greg having worked on Monday he pulled together a very awesome birthday complete with a yummy meal, drinks, desserts and presents:

Halloween cupcakes (and there was lactose free ice cream to
go along with it)

Part of my present...CANDY!

Greg also was thoughtful and remember WAY back when I posted about wanting a tripod and that's what he gave me - yay!!

Overall an awesome birthday and Halloween

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