16 November 2011

Wise Words from William Shatner

Now, I haven't really thought of deep fryer fires at Thanksgiving being a concern, but perhaps that's just because it's not as common in the Canadian celebration of Thanksgiving as it is for Americans. Or perhaps it's because deep fryers are not part of the Hutchings family Thanksgiving tradition.

Whatever the initial reason for people deep frying their turkeys William Shatner has some wise words to share about safety while conducting this fat infused meat preparation, take note:

I have also learned from this week's episode of New Girl, that it is also unsafe to thaw a turkey in the dryer. I normally would never have attempted such a crazy act, but it's good to know it would just ruin the turkey.

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  1. Not going to lie, i love a good deep fried turkey. My . preferred way to eat the bird


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