29 January 2012

Baking & Beer

Sounds perfect, right?

Greg has been busy making his second batch of home brew since we moved. The first batch was a Red and this one is a Pilsner, and if the second is like the first I anticipate a fine outcome.

Sanitized bottles awaiting to be filled

Greg also made two yummy baked goods this weekend. If it seems like I've been slacking perhaps I have been, but I'm happy to post about Greg's productivity. On that note I have been working quite steadily so it turns out subbing in New Glasgow is a reasonably lucrative (I can pay bills).

Baked good #1: Homemade bread

It was from a blend of two bread recipes from Jamie Oliver and it was tasty! We had it with black bean soup, an excellent combination.

Baked good #2: Peanut butter cups


These tasted MUCH better than they look. They are actually flipped upside down in this picture because that's they only way for them to stick together. We didn't have graham cracker crumbs so Greg mixed together Oreo crumbs with peanut butter to make the base. That mixture went into a mini muffin tin and then I helped and poured melted chocolate to make the top. It turns out that when this stuff cools the chocolate and the peanut butter mixture doesn't really stay together as well as you would imagine.

Like I said, it might not look pretty but they were AMAZING!

Greg couldn't find the recipe he used but here is a page of lots to choose from if you're keen to try it out.


  1. Ali I love your blog, but having a beer post just made it more awesome :-D

  2. Aww, thanks Brahm! Glad I could up the awesomeness for you!


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