31 January 2012


I have a rather large sweet tooth. I love candy, cookies, ice cream (lactose free!), cakes, and probably anything else that falls into the desserts category that I can digest.

I have a few Donna Hay cook books and she is great at doing food in a simple way. I have made her chocolate mousse dish lots and lots of times and have refined it along the way.


What's interesting is that the recipe on the linked page is even a bit different from what's in her cookbook.

Here's my recipe in two parts, since I can't eat cream I make my own!

"Cream" - 1 mashed banana + 1 egg white (stiffly beaten) + 1 tsp white sugar.
Beat the egg, add the already mashed (I do this in a blender to get all of the chunks out), add the sugar and blend it together until well mixed. 
Chocolate Mousse - 1 C "cream" (I use all of what I make from the banana mix) +     ~125g dark chocolate + 2 egg yolks + ~30g butter + however much vanilla you like
Heat the 'cream' until it's starting to stream (stirring so it doesn't burn to the bottom), stir in the butter and yolk, remove from heat and stir in the chocolate and vanilla until it's well combined. Chill the mixture in a metal bowl for as long as you can wait - an hour is good. Blend with an electric mixer just before serving.

Much appreciated electric mixer

Cream that I can get, warming up on the stove

Chopped up dark chocolate to mix in

Mixing it all together

In my excited state I forgot to take a picture before we ate it. Last night we dug in a bit too soon and there were parts that were more frozen than others - it was still very yummy. It kind of looked like what Donna Hay has on her website (or the first picture in this post) but much darker because of the darker chocolate we used.

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