08 January 2012

Gift Giving

I had intended on getting these pictures up earlier than now, but for the past few weeks I've been sick and spending most of my time sleeping and being a wimp. It looks like I'm finally on the mend and can get back to blogging about incredibly important things - success!

Greg and I decided this year to make as many Christmas presents for our family members as we could.  We of course had to buy the things to make the presents, but to keep costs down and thoughtfulness up it was a DIY year.

I couldn't post these pictures as I was making them since it would give away what people were getting so here they are now:

Laying the giant pieces of fabric on the floor for quilt #1

Ironing the GIANT sheets!

Laying out the squares after quite a long while of cutting

Terry in his quilt!

Quilt #2 - this one was much smaller (baby sized!)

Handwarmers, with ceramic pie weights to keep the heat

Snowman pin

Sewing kit in a jar

Omnomnom, homemade granola

Homemade salsa

These are just a few things we made, hopefully Greg and I can keep the creativity going for next Christmas, but I guess we have just under a year to prepare!

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