30 January 2012

Trenton Park

This past weekend Greg and I soaked up some of the beautiful weather by passing time in Trenton Park. It was a first for both of us and Greg was particularly keen to find mountain biking trails.

Whomp whomp, dog humour

Check out how little snow is on the ground

A really windy stream

Looking up at the trees you might not
guess that it's winter

SUCCESS! We found an in to mountain bike trails. At this time Greg turned into a very giddy man, it was quite lovely.

Clearly marked trails

Trees have been cut...

others have just fallen over

You might be able to make out Greg in the middle of the picture, he's point up towards one trail and to the left towards another. He actually leap out of the woods after this find, again a very happy fellow.

Ducks, I scared them away trying to get a better picture.
This is the best I could do.

Fishing opportunities!

Trenton Park definitely isn't the same as Rockwood in Saint John, but it does offer some decent walking trails and of course mountain biking trails that Greg can bike to - hooray! They also have an amphitheatre with lots of seating and a picnic area, we will be back for sure!

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