12 January 2012

Slowly But Surely

Trying to make an apartment a home is a long process. One of the first things I did was paint our bedroom, there were nicks in the walls and it really just needed a facelift.  We went with two different colours (3 walls light and 1 wall darker brown).

This wall needs something else, shelving or some sort of storage unit. But that's in the future, for now it's just a laundry basked and a shoe rack:

After discovering a lack of storage space for all of my crafting supplies I felt shelves were in order in the spare bedroom. Most of the space on this bookshelf is taken up with books and teaching resources. My sewing machine and wool supply are also in the mix.

As much as I would like the shelves to fit directly over the desk the fuse box was in the way. So finding the next available wall studs up it went.

This room is also the home of Greg's bikes. The best thing about this bike rack is that it doesn't require any screws or nails. It just leans up against the wall and the weight of the bikes keeps everything balanced. Unfortunately if you sleep in this room your dreams might be filled with flying bikes:

Futon a la couch and a bucket of fermenting beer. If you look closely you'll see the bucket is wrapped in a fleece NHL sheet (courtesy of Greg's folks, thanks!)

We painted the spare room the same lighter brown (more nicks in the wall) before putting the shelves up but other this room I think we're done painting...for now!

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