22 May 2012

Bluenose 2012 In Full

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Greg and I spent this past weekend in Halifax and participated in the Bluenose run. Here are an overwhelming amount of pictures from the weekend, and I will be posting another soon.

I finished the 10km in 59:18, my personal best time. Greg kicked butt and finished the half marathon (21.1km) in 1:43.

Now to thoroughly gross you out, here are my feet after the run. I have been working on breaking in a new pair of sneakers but thought it unwise to use them for the race. This might have been a poor decision given what my old sneakers did to my feet - womp womp.

Now that I've grossed you out with my feet I'm going to talk about food, sounds appropriate. To celebrate our victorious Bluenose involvement Greg and I joined his family for dinner at the Hamachi Steak House, it was delicious!

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