13 May 2012

Japanese Cooking Class

This has proven to be a busy week so I haven't had the chance to post about the wonderful Japanese cooking class we attended this past Tuesday. It was put on by the Multicultural Association of Pictou County and as a delicious and social time.

There were three mains prepared, and while we didn't actually do the cooking, the chef prepared everything before us like we were the audience of a cooking show, he told us everything as he went and sent us home with the recipe.

The three dishes were all on the go at the same time. Genemai Zousui is brown rice and mushrooms in clear broth. It tasted a lot like miso soup, but better because there's much more in there:

This dish, Katsudon, is fried pork cutlets on rice with a delicious sauce with onions. The pork is breaded and fried and didn't have much of a kick (perhaps I was anticipating more spices?) but with the sauce it was yummy:

This last dish is like the Japanese version of stew. There are potatoes, carrots, onions, thinly sliced beef with broth. Very yummy:

To give you context on how big these dishes are relative to each other:

And for the first time I've had chopsticks with an included toothpick, so of course a picture was necessary:

We are going to a Korean cooking class on May 22 so I'll let you know how it goes.

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