03 May 2012

Running Update

In 16 days I'll be participating in my third Bluenose Marathon...but not the whole marathon. That would be crazy. This year I'm going for setting my personal best at the 10km. I've participated in the half marathon twice before and rather than run my brains out again I decided to reduce the length of the run and focus on my time. Before I was only aiming to finish, I'm hoping I can also achieve that goal this year.

Over the past month or so I've been trying to work out a playlist filled with songs that give me a good and consistent pace. I enjoy running with music but I often find myself running to the beat and that could mean a lazy pace run or something where I end up having to walk it out from exhaustion. I'm a sucker for pop music when I run because it does have a strong beat, so this is what I've come up with so far:

So yes, here I am, airing my pop-love secrets. You might notice that Beyonce's Countdown is on there twice. It's necessary as near the end of my run I need to be revved up again and that song seems to do the trick. I'm not quite done fiddling with the order but it's getting there. I have 16 days to perfect it! I'll be sure to share what I end up with.

The whole list runs for an hour, which is my goal to finish the 10km in.

In running related news I picked up a new pair of sneakers this week. They are the exact style as my current sneakers and I'm sure I'll enjoy breaking them in after the run. Check out the difference in the treads....hopefully this pair serves me as well (new shoes left, old shoes right):

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