13 May 2012

Wicked Weekend

This weekend was jam packed with awesomeness!

To start it off Greg and I took in a free blues dancing class at the library. I didn't take any photos but it was a hilarious time. Blues dancing is a social dance, so most of the time I wasn't actually dancing with Greg but with strangers, it was an interesting experience!

We were taught a few moves and tried to put them together in a reasonable fashion (not stomping on each other).

I found a YouTube video with some instructions (that we were taught) at the beginning and then they do a particularly fancy (and sexy!) dance that was far beyond the means of everyone at the class other than perhaps the instructors.

But hopefully it gives you an idea:

We left the dance class a bit early to arrive a bit late to a book club meeting at the Frog and Toad. I've been super keen to check out this pub since we moved here but we haven't had the chance. So I was pleasantly surprised to find it resembled any average pub in Halifax after hearing less than stellar reviews from co-workers.

Oh, and since the book is not typically the focus of conversation and more of a reason to meet and drink I should still mention what we read and discussed for about 20% of our time: The Hunger Games. The last book we read with the Sister Brothers and our next read is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein...I have no idea what I'm getting myself in for this one.

On Saturday we got up bright and early and spend close to 5 hours working on a hiking trail outside of Scotsburn. We've hiked the trail before so it was a nice feeling to give back and get a bit of a hike in.

On Saturday evening we went to the Celtic Circle to see our friends preform in the choir concert. They were lovely! Here is a poor photo to try and capture their awesomeness:

On Sunday morning we went back to the Celtic Circle (it used to be a church) for a brunch. This was their first brunch and since it was on Mother's Day and started at 11AM we figured there would be a ton of people pouring in after church. This was not the case.

While our previous eating experience at the Celtic Circle was great (we attended a food security meeting and there was a three course meal of local food) this was just okay. I couldn't eat much of what was available in the buffet and they were far from ready to start when we got there at 11AM. Things didn't get under way until about 11:30...so while we weren't in a rush we just figured the machine would reasonably slick for it's first run.

What I could eat, meats! potato salad, bagel , hashbrowns and a strawberry. And I had watermelon for dessert since I couldn't eat the tasty looking treats. It was probably for the best I didn't indulge as we were running around playing frisbee at 1PM.

Our less than awesome bill, perhaps we've turned into stingy people, but we would think that at least the coffee would be included in the cost of the buffet? Nope.

Sunday afternoon we played an awesome game of ultimate frisbee with 15 people in total. Greg and I were the only people who have ever played ultimate before so it was one big learning experience. I think people had fun, it seemed like it!

We are playing again on Wednesday (weather permitting) so we will see just how much people enjoyed today from the turn out this week!

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