24 October 2010

Ben Folds + Nick Horby = Lonely Avenue

UPDATE: After listening to their first single, From Above, again (thanks CBC Radio 2!) I was struck with the HUGE similarity between its sound and that of Jens Lekman - particularly the intro and the music. Regardless it's a great song!

Thanks to CBC I've been introduced to another great band, thanks CBC!

Ben Folds and Nick Horby have teamed up to make an album under the name of Lonely Avenue. Horby has written all of the lyrics and Folds was responsible for the music portion.

You can hear a few seconds of each song from their album if you click here. It's very Ben Folds-esque, therefore very good from the 20 seconds of each song you can hear.

There's even a song called Levi Johnston's Blues - yes, that Levi Johnston.

Another track is called Doc Pomus which I'm assuming that is where the band name came from...judging by Wikipedia.

On making the album:

"Things You Think" kind of the making of the song, great clips of Nick Horby talking, shenanigans of collaborating musicians (Pomplamoose) at the end:

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