18 October 2010

Technology, Also Great

I've been using Google Analytics shortly after I started up the o'l blog.

Analytics gives you statistical information about the traffic on your website, or in my case - blog. Things like how many people visit your site on the daily, where they are coming from (links from Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and other nifty things.

It's been interesting...it turns out when you don't post things people don't visit your blog - who knew!

But really, Google Analytics has given me all kinds of insight about bloggity blog blog.

I'm going to share a few of these things with you - huzzah!

For instance, the top five cities for people viewing in the past 30 days are as follows:

I have a feeling that Lower Sackville falls under Halifax and that's why it's number 1 - thanks mom and dad!

Analytics also gives a visual representation of where people are visiting your site from:


Hopefully you'll keep on coming back to read the little writing I post and look at the variety of images and links that I share despite the fact that I'm keeping a few tabs on the blog's vitals! I'm just an interested nerd hoping to understand some of the technology that the internet continues to ooze.

Happy blog-viewing!

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