17 October 2010

Saint John

Since Greg will be moving to Saint John very shortly I will be learning more and more about the place.

Here are things I've learned so far:

1. It's not as smelly as I was told, although when you are on your way in from the Fredericton direction there is a definite smell of pulp mill in the air. Very reminiscent of Corner Brook.

2. It's not particularly flat or hilly, but rather a nice blend of the two.

It also has old timey trucks.

3. There is a downtown, but it's actually called uptown.

4. They have a nice small park with a large fountain, home to man pigeons. There are also potentially impromptu parades as we witnessed one yesterday. Since they were headed away from us I never found out what the parade was about. I like to think it was because Greg and I were in town.

5. Buildings have a lot of character, which makes sense as it's the oldest incorporated city in Canada.

There are other things I learned but I didn't take photos - I know! What was I thinking! So rather than just talk about them I think I will hold off from posting about them.

One final note, Greg found an apartment - hooray! It's in an old house broken into a few apartment units. The place is really nice and in a cozy, tree-lined part of town. It's also conveniently close to the school I'm hoping to get my second placement in - fingers crossed!

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