27 October 2010

Middle School Woes

Maybe it's because they are surrounded by kids every day and this is their creativity outlet, but this menu from a middle school cafeteria lunch menu cracks me up:

Bat Bites and Witches Fingers
(Chicken Nuggets) and ( Baked Spicy Fries)
Skeleton Bones
(Veggies and Dip)
Frankenstein’s Dessert
(Baked Apple Crumble with whipping Cream)
Goblins Gloop
(Chilled Milk)

I'm thankful they put in what it really was, only for the hilarity. 

My personal favorite is Goblin's Gloop.

The google image search for such:


You are no doubt wondering why I'm keeping tabs on a middle school cafeteria lunch menu, great question. 
It's from the school where I will be doing my internship and the menu is always posted on their announcement blog. So in keeping tabs on the school I also get to see what they are eating.

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