11 October 2010

Thank-You Thanksgiving

It's a time for apple picking, wedding going, turkey eating and fat getting. My weekend was great!

Stage 1: Apple Picking in Wolfville

Something that grows on apple trees?
Greg says it's a Belly Buster, I think that's a fitting name

Under the (tasty) apple arch!

Posing in the cold, cold apple field

A large shed left to natures hands

There was a goat, just hanging out, it acted more like a dog
than any other goat I've ever seen.
But...patting it's horns felt gross

Stage 2: Wedding in Port Williams

Bride and Groom! I LOVE the pockets in her
dress, cute AND functional!

There was a pumpkin at each table for the table to carve.
This is the pumpkin from our table

Daises on the table!

A spicey take-home present. Handmade!

Stage 3: Thanksgiving Dinner in Lower Sackville

A almost authentic Newfoundland jigs dinner.
That red stuff is salt meat, and despite its
appearance, it's very yummy!

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