24 October 2010

The Hold Steady

More overflow from the Halifax Pop Explosion, success!

I attended my first show at the Market last night, it was a bit strange to be sipping on a beverage while watching a rock show in the same spot I purchased my veggies just earlier that day. But beggars can't be choosers when it comes to venues!

We arrived shortly after the openers started so I never caught their name. They reminded me of The Strokes, but with a female lead singer:

Enjoyable unknown name band

Honestly I'm not a die-hard Hold Steady fan. I like them, I know some of their songs but that's it. When I heard that they were coming to Fredericton in October waaaaaay back in July I jumped at the opportunity to pick up tickets because it was a show. I didn't know how few and far between those might have been in Fredericton, turns out there are more bands through here than I thought.

Regardless, the show was very loud great! The lead singer had more energy than any performer I've watched - his repertoire of ridiculous movements were hilarious:

Check out those hands, just a clappin'

Most intense lead singer, ever

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