17 February 2011

Excited for Spring!

Not that I'm a winter-hater, I actually enjoy it (except those SUPER cold days) but there comes a time each year where each of us have had enough of winter.

For me that time is approaching, I'm dying to wear something other than boots to school and take less than 5 minutes to get ready to go outside.

On my way home from school the other day I heard birds singing, which I thought was unusual since the only bird I have seen these days is a seagull, crow or pigeon. So I looked around to find these birds and was surprised at what I saw - lots and lots of pretty birds! They were having a feast on the berries clinging to a winterized tree on Kings College Road.

I don't know what kind of bird these lovely little guys are, so if you know please let me know!

In the spirit of spring and making cookies as thank-you presents I used fun cookie cutters and icing to create these babies:

I got the cookie recipe from allrecipes.com you can check it out here. The icing recipe I used was also from allrecipes so you can give that a whirl here!


  1. Those are cedar waxwings:


    They like to hang out in flocks, and they especially like to eat berries. These guys have their winter plumage, so they're not quite as waxy looking as in the summer. I'm kind of surprised they're here already, but I suppose it is pretty close to March.

    Oh and I, ummm, read your blog.


  2. Thanks Josh! I should start asking more questions on my blog to see who else reads it :)


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