20 February 2011

So Much Food!

Food Food Food! Clearly I'm a fan, and when it comes to visits with Greg there is always an abundance of it.

This weekend we made beer bread from a recipe I got from a friend. We used Mill Street's Tank House Ale and it was delicious, although a bit dense. We ate mulligatawny from a recipe Greg got from a coworker...I don't have it at the moment but I will hopefully remember to link it. The mulligatawny was served over rice but we ate it the next day for lunch over couscous which was better.

Beer Bread

Mulligatawny and sliced beer bread

The next day we used the rest of the beer bread to make french toast, since the bread didn't taste too strongly of beer it made for really yummy french toast:

Sunday morning breakfast, westerns and fruit - omnomnom:

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