25 February 2011

Stormy Storm Storm


Really winter you can cut it out now and stop piling on the snow. Honest, I'm pretty sure all people who live in Fredericton would be okay with it.

But seriously, where is all of the snow going to go? The front lawn of my building is one of the largest piles of snow EVER, the spring will be soggy.

Thankfully the snow didn't start until about 1PM, that gave me plenty of time to get to the grocery store, gym AND to the Picaroon's Brewtique to fill a growler to help me ride out the storm. Given the weather I went with Dark and Stormy Night, nerdy AND tasty!


With the semester winding down I don't have too much on my plate school work wise. So I think I will hunker down tonight and waste time on the internet...or maybe sew...or knit...or read...or watch TV. The possibilities are endless!

Last week, or maybe it was earlier this week...I stumbled upon a new Kanye track (All of the Lights) and couldn't stop listening to it. There has been some controversy about the video and it was taken down from YouTube and Vevo temporarily. The controversy surrounded the potential seizure inducing flashing lights and pictures in the video and the near-nakedness of Rihanna. The video is now back on both sites with a warning to epileptics but still with a near-naked Rihanna.

While the beginning of the song is long, the hook is super catchy and the background music is beautiful. And oh yea, Kanye's raps are pretty good too. I'm not sure what the deal is with all of the names at the end of the video, I'm assuming they were involved with the 'chorus' singing or something.

One more thing - thumbs down to Kanye's bottom grill. I'm not sure why those things ever took off as being cool?

Okay, ONE more thing. I love the way Kanye says any version of Grandmother (Granny, Grandma), that might be strange but check out his song Family Business from College Dropout (0:45 and 1:42):

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