04 February 2011

Shivering Songs Festival

Last Saturday Greg and I went to the first (hopefully annual) Shivering Songs Festival at Wilmot Church.

There was a song writers circle in the afternoon that David Myles hosted - Grant Lawrence, Snailhouse, Gianna Lauren, and Heat & Lights preformed. It was my first song writers circle in person, I've only ever heard them on CBC Canada Live so it was a treat in person!

The inside of the church is beautiful!

From the outside you wouldn't expect so much pretty!

Later on in the evening we went back to the church to see the Olympic Syphonium with Issac and Blewett and Catherine Mclellan. It's not a great photo but this is Olympic Syphonium with Issac and Blewett, they were so great!

The folks who put on the show are hopeful to put it on in years to come, my fingers are crossed!

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