02 February 2011

Relish - Not Just a Condiment

On Friday Greg and I had our first taste at Relish.

I was surprised at how small the spot was but it was certainly big enough for us. Offering a small town diner feel where customers are greeted as they walk through the door "Welcome to RELISH, Welcome!" with shouts from the employees (who seem less than stoked to be hollering, but are having a decent time I would assume).

There is more shouting when your order is up, "we relish Greg!" was announced and two piping hot skillets were on the counter waiting for us to pick them up. If you're wondering why my name wasn't also called it was because being the gentleman Greg is he paid for my meal as well.

Here I am, with the standard pre-meal pose. I really need to work on something new. What's with my thumbs up?!:

Despite the half hearted attempt at thumbs up the meal was really tasty. I got the L.A. is my Lady, topped with avocado, roasted peppers and basil. I opted for no goat cheese but I have since learned that I can eat goat cheese - AMAZING!

All in all it was an Om Nom Nom good time.

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