20 February 2011

Show Shoeing

On Saturday Greg and I had planned to go cross country skiing at Rockwood Park but because Winter Fest was going on they had to take their skis out to Rothesay for the day so we rented snow shoes instead.

It was the first time I used new snow shoes, the last pair I used were old timey so it was a treat!

On the way to Rockwood, we cross the highway in this rusty
o'l pedway. Check out Greg's dance moves!

A sign I spotted on the side of the road, despite the plethora
of garbage all over the sidewalk.

We decided to cut up through the woods to the look out, there was a round about path, but we decided to go straight up the hill. It was a hilarious process but it was fun:

On top of the look out,
the glory of SJ behind me!

Greg on the look out, digging snow out of his boot

Old Man's Beard

There is a lake in the park where you can swim in much warmer weather. I took the life guard chair as a great spot for a picture, despite how tough it is to hop up into it with snow shoes!

A crazy limb growing into the trunk of another tree. I don't think I've seen this before, pretty neat though:

At the end of our hike we stumbled upon this bird land and just watched them for awhile. I went to take my camera out to try and take a photo or two when one of the birds just started flying at my head - straight on. It was pretty awesome and nostalgic of my honours project! I'm pretty sure they are black capped chickadees:

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