22 April 2012

April Hike

Sticking to our New Year's resolution we went on a hike this month. This time it was to the Roger's Hill Trail, another part of the Cape to Cape trail. We started out at the same spot in Scotsburn as we did for started our first snowshoe and where ended for our first guided snowshoe. But we went out in a different direction.

We hiked about 12km in 3.5 hours. The trail was pretty flat with a few ups and downs, and of course the fording...

Our first challenge was fording a stream. It was my first time

It was COLD!

Look at him, looking smug about this with all
of his fording experience. Humph

Taking a break

This is the tree when the wind blows one way...

and this is what it looks like when it blows the
other way. We could hear it splitting, neat!

I learned that this is NOT a poorly constructed treehouse, but rather a place for people to hang out and wait for deer to come along and shot. I liked my interpretation a whole lot better:

The Cape to Cape sign

A found slice of wood

A perhaps recently fed snake we nearly walked
on, it was startling

I'm not sure what these day, they were really fluffy

I felt like I might be heading into where Fred Penner spent
all of his time

Another brook, this one I crossed without taking
off my boots

Oh hai! It's an electrified fence! It followed along a side of a
farm, I was more than terrified of stumbling, but managed ok

Interesting decisions were made by this tree

Remember the terrible cookies I made? Well here they are,
they know they are terrible and can't even keep it together

Where we ended our hike. A totally collapsed house/shack

Complete with some sort of cement mixer
I think?

Misfortunate tree

Nice sky over a corn field

Near the end of the trail, this was not quite
so obvious a choice on our way in, hence the

Having a snack before the walk along the ATV
trail back to the car

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