27 April 2012

Created This Week

There is a teen art exhibit next month in New Glasgow and Greg wanted to get the Library's Teen Advisory Club involved by creating art from recycled books. Using an idea from Pinterest he came up with this and brought home the materials to create a sample for the teens. Being keen to make something I put this together, it was my first try and it didn't turn out too shabby but there are some things that I'd do differently if I made another one.

The idea is that this would hang evenly from the center of the spine. The hanging paper is from pages in the book. If they get the exhibit up and running at the library I'll try to take a picture to share.

Oh, here is the picture from Pinterest, so much cleaner...I have much to learn:


Greg went to a health fair in Pictou Landing yesterday and someone had a button maker (I immediately was brought back to my love of Empire Records...and the button maker from that movie). This is a button he made for me...made it's a sign of my fishing love to come?

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