15 April 2012

Date Night

Greg's in Miramichi this weekend so we had a weekend date night on Friday (he left on Saturday). We checked out an art show downtown that was put on by a woman who is an art teacher (but not a school art teacher) and she showcased her student's work.

There was a great turn out, cars were wrapped around the block and the venue was packed.

We hadn't played crib in awhile, perhaps it's because I might kick Greg's butt...and I did on Friday. To give him credit he made it past the skunk line and most of the time I don't win. But it's good to celebrate when I win by so much!


I tried a new chocolate mousse, ingredients: dark chocolate, coconut cream (the thicker coconut in the coconut milk can), cornstarch, water, eggs, vanilla. It was pretty delicious and will make its way into my recipe book

Melting chocolate with a homemade double boiler

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