15 April 2012

DIY Skirt

I picked up a meter of jersey knit fabric at the local fabric shop over a month ago with the intentions of making a skirt or shirt out of it. I think I might be able to make both now that I've cut it up! Anyway, I finally got around to making it today and it turned out okay. Certainly not perfect, it's the first skirt I've tried to make so I'm happy with it.

Waistband rolled down a bit, I'm not sure which I like more yet

There wasn't much selection for jersey knit at the fabric store, I'm not much of a tye-dye person but it was good fabric to work with.

I used a skirt I already owned for the pattern, just measured,
traced and cut. 

Sections for the waistband. I ironed a crease into them to
make the waistband more structured....it seemed to work

Waistband not rolled down
It's hard to take pictures of myself in clothing, since Greg isn't
home this weekend I went with the mirror option

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