07 April 2012

Instagram Update

It seemed like my classroom needed an update, so I moved the desks around. So far so good, students haven't flipped any in revolt.

We just finished a novel study on The Kite Runner and for the final assessment one of the options was to create an artifact box (select items from the novel that have a particular significance and explain them). A slingshot was particularly significant and many students incorporated it. This slingshot was made by my student's father (who is 73), AMAZING!  And remember, I teach adults so this age makes sense.

Another student's artifact box. This might be an exception to allow brass knuckles, slingshots and rum in the classroom:

And another, I was SUPER impressed with their work!

I've learned that not every teacher participates in holidays like I do, so I was the only teacher at school dressed up for Easter. Here are my bunny ears (which were most definitely made for children because the headband was much too small for my head). I was also going for Easter colours, and I was wearing a purple sweater, pink tights and a multicoloured skirt. I look silly and it was lovely.

You can only provide healthy treats to students so I decided to make carrot muffins for Easter, that's fitting, right?

Happy Easter Weekend, with my attempt at easter eggs

My students covered up the name plate of the teacher I am covering for (maternity leave) with my name on sticky notes this week. I wasn't planning on putting my name on the door, but I must say, it was nice that my students took interest!

Decorated door.

I am a lucky teacher, we have a spinning bike AND a treadmill at school. So to bust some of the report card/marking stress of this week I thoroughly enjoyed the use of both.

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