29 April 2012

Zip Lining in Pictou County

On Saturday Greg and I went zip lining with a group of people (new friends I might even say). We had both been to Tree Go before, but this was a strictly zip lining business (Anchors Above). There are two lines, one is much steeper than the other. The stopping mechanism for these zip lines is creative and a bit sketchy but we all proved that they work.

Here's a short video to give you an idea:

Our 'tour' guide, you can see a wooden stick -
that's his brake. Sketchy, right?

The group after we had complete both lines, with the 'stopping
mechanism' behind us. Really it's a bunch of ropes.

A different look at the bunch of ropes.
Looks ram-shackled right?

While we had a good time, I don't think we'd go again. It was $22 each and for just two zip lines (it took us about 40 minutes to run the 9 people down both lines) I think I'd rather make the road trip to Tree Go and pay a bit more for 2 hours of climbing and smaller zip lines.

Afterwards we went to Jungle Jim's and I proceeded to get the largest (and pretty tasty) margarita:

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