01 April 2012

Weekend Photos

A compilation of photos from this weekend

Wandering around New Glasgow Saturday we found an antique store that's only opened on Saturdays. It has lots of strange and interesting things like these doors used as room dividers:

More doors and an old fellow...Greg thinks it's King Midas

Not sure how this works

Coffee and a dairy free treat at BaKed, New Glasgow's finest


After eyeing up old crates like this for a really long time I
finally bought one. It will be incorporated into our wedding!

For now it's a plant and picture holder

Greg bought me flowers, AND supporter cancer research!

Saturday sewing

Sunday breakfast

Lesson planning on a Sunday morning at school

After finishing my first hour long run of the season, huzzah!

Greg and I will be attempting to grow our own vegetables this
season since we have access to outside. No doubt many posts
will be dedicated to their progress

Sunday: New found beer love

Greg made a zucchini loaf, I made bread. Omnomnom

I also made naan, to celebrate finishing The Kite Runner
in my English class. Nothing says we're done a novel study
like eating!

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