29 December 2010

Fun at Internship #1

Well it's all done, my first internship of seven weeks flew by. I passed (hooray!) and certainly learned a ton in the process. Here are a few photos of what I was up to:

My "Teacher Desk"
- it's kind of decorated with wrapping paper

You can see the wonderful Smart Board I had full access to on the right of the photo. Such a treat to teach with it all of the time!

Christmas puked on our classroom, check out those decorations!
Many lunch hours were spend supervising this piece of art

One of the projects I assigned: 3D Model Cells

One to show all of the parts

I was really impressed with many of the cells that were passed in, it's amazing how full cell biology can be when you actually get to make things!

A bunch of cells!

After learning about cells we moved on to organs, the students worked on posters answering a number of questions about their assigned organ. They then presented their work to the rest of the class sharing what they learned.

I selected a poster for each of the 8 organs that were researched and posted them around our 'cell board' (created before we really got into the unit and now decorated with Christmas) to have a visual reminder of what was researched.

This wall is tougher than it looks to get staples into it!

My co-operating teacher ran the school's hiking club, and since I like hiking of course I was going to join! I was able to make it to 2 of the 3 hikes during my internship and on the most recent we went to a place called Rusagonis (which is pronounced Rusagornis or something like that). One of the parents that came along brought a camping stove and 3 moose meat steaks, what a guy!

Having a moose meat snack!

I remember giving my teachers Christmas presents or end of the year presents so I was REALLY excited when I received my very first teacher present! I'm not too sure what I'll do with this little puppy dog toy, but it's the thought that counts! Also, when you open the card it starts singing Frosty the Snowman - AWESOME!


On my last day the three classes that I taught threw me a surprise party! It turns out that grade 8's are not the best at keeping secrets, so I did my best to be surprised. I WAS really surprised with the amount of food that the kids brought in!

I was also very touched when they gave me GIANT cards, kids can be great!

My next internship will be at a high school (I'm not sure where yet) so I have a feeling it will be pretty different than middle school. I'll no doubt blog compare notes when it wraps up.

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