23 December 2010

Quilting Is Fun

I posted a photo of the very first quilt I made on Facebook earlier this week in lieu of a post since I was busy busy with school work. So this post might be a lack luster post, but here it is:

All of the small squares came in a bundle of 'matching' pieces of fabric meant for quilting. It took me awhile to get the pieces in an order that I liked, I would move the squares around then walk away and come back with fresh eyes to make sure there wasn't a bunch of one colour in one area. I don't think this is what I decided with in the end but here is one look:

Laying out the squares

A closer look at the squares, I'm definitely in love with these fabrics:

I first sewed the squares in rows and then sewed the rows together. Then I placed the batting (which is pretty thick for extra comfy-ness) in between the sewn together rows and the backing fabric. I actually took the backing fabric and ironed it up over the top of the quilt, I'm not sure if that's what you're supposed to do but it made sense to me.

To keep everything in place I sewed all along the border and then the long way down each of the rows. Again, I'm not sure if this is how it's done but it worked out!

The finished product

I've since learned how you sew the little designs or shapes in the squares, my quilting lady friend at the quilting shop told me about it (who is WONDERFUL!) and I'll be trying that out on future quilts. I'll no doubt be blabbing about that down the road.

PS. I made this quilt for my cousin who is 2.5 years old, I expect it will be covered in small child grossness come a week. Hooray!

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