06 December 2010

Winter Cottaging

Last weekend we ventured out to a friends cottage located near Kings Landing. After driving through less than ideal road conditions in the dark we made it!

Here are some photos (not quite in the order things happened):

The lane that Jill's cottage lives on

Bundled up and posing in front of the cottage

Greg, hanging out in the shadows of the trees, that guy!

Behind Jill's cottage, apparently this is WONDERFUL for
swimming in the summer. Leech free and everything!

Not quite the right temperature for a swim, yet

The door to the outhouse, in the winter it's
outdoor plumbing all of the way!

This lacks context, but I will assure you, it's
a very large icicle

[The night before] cozying up to the fire with Christmas
cracker hats - yay!

Making breakfast and enjoying the sunshine coming in
through the windows
Summer! She gave everyone lots and lots of presents...
her fur, SO MUCH OF IT!

Beautiful sunshiney weather after the storm

No winter snow storm is complete without a bit of sledding!

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