06 December 2010

Greg's Visit

I'm a lucky gal, Greg paid me two visits in two weeks - hooray!

This weekend was full of eating, drinking, hanging out with friends and walking around Fredericton. Kind of our thing I think.

Here are some photos:

Coming back from the market: new AND old
parts to the church roof
Religion high-fiving SCIENCE!!

We hit up the Christmas craft fair at the FREX yesterday and amongst some of the AMAZING stands there were some hilarious finds as well:

The Last Supper made out of beeswax

Paper Mached (maybe) things?

I don't know why I didn't take photos of the awesome things, there was this man who makes AMAZING furniture (tables, chairs, benches, etc) and even will make and install handmade kitchen cabinets. We chatted with him for awhile. There was also a lot of pretty jewelery, pottery and embroidered/sewn projects.

On Saturday night we went to a friends house for a potluck, we made chili and cornbread (a first for cornbread and it worked out!) so on Sunday we chowed down on leftovers:

Flattering, right?

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