23 December 2010


My friend invited me to raclette while I was out on a hiking trip with the school's hiking club. When she called I probably heard every second word since I was supervising a gaggle of Middle School students and agreed to dinner later that night. I was under the impression that we were going to a restaurant called Raclette, this word was new to me and that made perfect sense in my brain. 

Turns out that raclette is not a restaurant but rather a way to cook food! It has a lot to do with cheese,  since I can't eat cheese I also learned that raclette doesn't  need cheese to be tasty. My friends whisked me off to the home of a very hospitable couple out near Kings Landing where I quickly learned about raclette and all of it's yummy wonders.

In addition to great food and incredibly generous hosts, I had the pleasure of:
  • Drinking the most delicious home made beer I've ever had
  • Hanging out with an adorable duck tolling retriever named Belle
  • Enjoying the architectual wonders that was their house
The TWO raclette grills we had on the go

Normally you pop cheese onto the top of the whole thing to melt all of the ingredients together...but even if you don't it's still a yummy pile of food:

My concoction of pasta, mushrooms, chicken, peppers,
onions and pasta sauce!

I also ate a few hunks of bread with garlic butter spread all over it, you just toss it on the grill, wait a few minutes and you get super fresh and yummy bread!

While admiring me and my fantastic nerdiness, you should note the AMAZINGLY beautiful and huge kitchen behind me that is part of this great house.


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