23 June 2011

BEd. Graduation Dinner

Last week was sad and happy week, maybe even bittersweet. To celebrate the almost done-ness of our BEd. program us teachers threw a party. And like any end of the year party having to do with education there were pictures taken, this was like our second prom but only the 'just about teachers' were invited.

As this glorious event was a "Graduation Dinner" there was a delicious meal (really the BEST catered meal I can remember) followed by a long string of peer-voted awards. Since there are a ton of those photos they are in the next post.

So view on:

Group picture!

Lots more pictures after the jump!

Lots of lovelies!

Alex, Danielle and I
Alex and Danielle
Elementary Teachers - hooray!
More Elementary Teachers!
Co-Presidents pre-show
Co-presidents during-show
Lovely ladies

From a series of hilarious photos!

A sea of dessert!

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