26 June 2011

Last Day of School

Well at least my last day as a student (for awhile). I will hopefully have lots of last days of school in my *fingers crossed* employed future.

I was fortunate to attend the last class of the entire BEd program, hooray! Despite it being a 6 hour class on a Friday it was always a treat. For the last class our profs even brought us in a yummy chocolate cake and hilarious picture props to celebrate.

I'm posting those photos, but a few others from the last week of classes.

Yasmine and Katrina chalk it up with wonderful words
outside of BMH

The thoughtful thank you wall that Ashton made, thank you!

More pictures after the jump!

Where myself and many others spent countless hours

Hanging out in front of BMH

Cake from Sharon and Heather - HOORAY!

Graduation Polar Bear, courtesy of Brennan and Ashley.
This bear is not responsible for bear on bear crime, phew!

Carly, smiling as usual!

Photo props, again courtesy of Sharon and Heather.
Don't we look AWESOME?!?

Sharon, hanging ten!

Pretty, pretty Joanna!

Now for the series of hilarious pictures - thanks Ian for showing up to pick up Katie and snapping these:

A lovely bunch

YAY! Last class!




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