22 June 2011

Summer Wedding #1

Happy Wedding Sarah and Dan!!

Greg and I happily attended the joyous union of Sarah and Dan a few weekends ago. Here are a few pictures of our adventures:

Wedding competition in the hotel?

Their program and flower center pieces - pretty!

More wedding fun after the jump

First dance as a married couple

Cheers! We initially didn't realize why we were getting
champagne, then we clued into the speeches. Whoopsie!

G-Man and B-Bot

Erin and Mark

Greg and I...but perhaps that is obvious if you know me

Sarah, determined to serve her guests cake on the
heaviest plate ever. It was tasty cake!


In our get together style all but Sarah and Dan (as they were off on their honeymoon) brunched it up at Chez Tess:

The outdoor ceiling at Chez Tess - sparkly!

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