30 June 2011

A Sunny Day In Saint John (GASP!)

Today is a cloudy day in Saint John, so I decided to post these photos I took on Tuesday to remind myself that it's not always cloudy and damp!

Walking up Germain St.

Plants AND old books for sale - yes please!

Backstreet Records (one of Stuart McLean's favorite record
stores), a scooter and a gallery, more please!

Greg and I are hoping to take in some of the free festivities that SJ offers for Canada Day. Tonight there are free shows on the boardwalk - Bedouin Sound Class and Hey Ocean are playing as well as a number of other bands.

We have also been told about a massive flea market that takes over King St. and Charlotte St. that goes down on Canada Day morning. Since all of the stores are closed people will need a place to spend their money I suppose.

I will no doubt take pictures and report back on these celebratory shenanigans!

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