03 June 2011

Dan Mangan in Fredericton

This show happened way back in April (during a busy internship), but given the awesomeness of the show it deserves a post.

Two excellent Canadian musicians on the
SAME poster - almost too much to handle.

Two bands opened for Dan Mangan, both were also awesome: The Crackling and Aidan Knight. I highly suggest checking them both out. Aidan Knight was a dash of incredible musician and a dollop of hilarious comedian. If he's ever in your town go see him!

At different parts of the show all three bands played together at some point. It was great to see that much collaboration between the openers and the headliners - it was like a big party.

To end the show Dan Mangan et. al headed to the centre of the room and led a group sing along. Here's the video that I took:

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